I’m an events and portraiture photographer based in Bucharest, Romania. Since I was 15, I’ve tackled with the camera, finding ways to bring the raw reality upfront. And that’s what I’m still doing today, after more than 8 years of being a professional in the field.
I believe that photography is all about the reading between the lines, the details that would otherwise be ignored and that I find in the shadows, the slices of life left unsaid, but thoroughly visualized. It is my constant quest to capture and deliver those bits and fragments of life, in the best possible way.
If you want me to capture your wedding, special event or lovely figure and bring out your reality, contact me here. My camera and my studio are ready when you are.
You can see some of my commercial work on my personal website at www.valentinboboc.ro 
You can also follow-up with my work on Facebook

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